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At Piedmont Intellectual Property, we practice patent law from a business perspective. Simply put, we help our corporate clients drive a patent procurement process that makes sense from a bottom-line perspective. Patents are valuable assets that can produce time-limited revenue streams. When a patent expires, we want our client to have more than a pretty plaque on the wall to show for it.

You might think that our type of patent practice is the norm, but it is not. Many patent attorneys can start with an idea and move forward to a patent, expending little effort on how the value in the patent will be unlocked after it issues. We start from a patent’s purpose — blocking competitors from a particular product market, earning licensing revenue, capturing intellectual assets for investment funding, etc. — and then move forward. Our perspective is the result of our involvement in the complete patent lifecycle: from invention disclosure, through drafted and prosecuted application, to licensed and litigated patent.

Recent Developments in Patent and Regulator Law

Check out our Blog.  These posts provide news and information for individuals, universities, and companies engaged in the advancement of the chemical and electrical arts.  This is a broad space, encompassing many industries such as energy, aerospace materials and robotics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, meidcal devices, and environmental science.  The blog offers comment on selected developements in the law and regulatory policy that may be of interest to entities that commercialize developments in these fields.

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